Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ranch life has been so great, considering I have spent every Monday through THursday in the valley, shopping, swimming, and canning! Josh just finished in Sierra Vista TODAY! He took Kallie this week, and she has been having a good time, the first night was sushi and the book store, to buy the sequal to her book Ivy and Bean. Next was swimming and Golden Corral, and last night was Texas Road House. She was so exited to go!
Here is a brief update on our Summer: I have no pic's because I can't connect my camera to this computer SO SORRY~~

Josh: SIERRA VISTA...HAYSTACK RANCH...and absolutely nothing else, sooo boring and tiring but we are so happy he is finally done down there!

Misty: Valley canning chicken and apricots from our apricot tree at the ranch. Swimming, PLA (Pacific Livestock Auction) hanging out watching our cows sell for $1.10 per lb!! While all the other cattle were going for $0.65 to about $0.88 cents! Hanging out at the ranch, moving cows, going to the river, loving it!! I wish I could put some pic's on here! I left my suburban at the ranch because we had to bring a load of cows down to sell, and so I am a dodge 1 ton flatbed driver. I got it detailed, and I'm good to go. I don't want to drive my suburban in and out of the ranch all of the time, and this part semi truck dodge thing I've been driving gets 23 miles to the gallon! I think I love it!! Except that my left leg is going to be extremely buffer than my right from pushing in the clutch!

Colton: Is Working for Clint Lilly, a cutting horse trainer and a good friend of Josh's. He works from 5 am to 1pm everyday. He is in absolute HEAVEN! It is the only thing that makes being in the valley worth while to him. He got his Bear at Scout Camp a few weeks ago, We are so proud of him. We made a Summer goal Chart for family night a few weeks ago, Coltons goal was to break his colt "Surprise" over the summer. And read 5 chapter books...the book thing was more moms idea

Kallie: Kallie has had some fun play dates with cousins, and friends, she is going to a play on TUesday night, and has been at work with Josh in Sierra Vista this week. She wanted to cut her hair, but dad said HECK NO, so we didn't. Her goal was (on her own) to read 10 chapter books, 3 down...7 to go! THis little girl loves to read, and it makes us so happy. She will be sitting there laughing so hard, reading or she will get really sad, I am so glad she has a love for books.

Cade: Is making his mother pull her hair out. Seriously, this kid is out of control. Nana came home today and he said "nana i've been missing you all the day, I love you....will you ake me some cookie dough?"...Now he is sitting at the counter on his like 3rd BOWL of Cookie dough. At this point I'm jut going to let him keep going, in hopes he just pukes and gets it over with!! He is loving being here with Ashley and Lindsay and Matt! He has a new love...his name is Doug Alvey, Cade calls him Duck Alvey. Doug made all of us these cool belts, and Cade goies NOWHERE without his on, he wears it with a night shirt, and he wears it naked. I have pictures, but can't download them, they are hilarious.

Birdie: Playing paper rock scissors, intsy wintsy spider and climbing out of her play pen everytime it's time to sleep, also waking up at 5 am.

We miss everyone so much, but luckily have had lots of visitors at the ranch! I think this ranch life fits us just fine!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We are all packed up. We have only to take our expensive fire alarms off the wall and load up our 25 chickens, and head for home. Haystack Ranch!! This is so bittersweet for us. We are SO exited to be together and so exited about the next 2 years adventures that I'm sure will come our way. We have 2 years worth of work PAYING work, down there, and a great homeschool program. Hopefully, Globe 1st ward is mind blowingly fun and entertaining!
We are so thankful for all of our friends here. We have been so thankful everyday for all you have done to help us move. Help me move since Josh has been working on a Big Long job in Sierra Vista!! We love everyone and will miss you so much!! I will get the internet there in July, and until then, I will update our blog in the valley where I plan on spending the summer by the pool, and with Kallie at Skateland! Call me and come visit us anytime!! We LOVE company. We also changed our email, it is So take note of that and keep in touch!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Kallie Happy Birthday. We love you so much!! I remember May 15th 7 years ago, just like it was yesterday. First Daddy and I went to the hospital. Mom got hooked up to all the silly monitors that make sure you were doing ok inside my belly, and they put me on some medicine that made you want to come and meet us really bad, and really fast!! Granny, and your great great grandma OEO were there for you to come. They helped daddy get through it, because Daddy does NOT like hospitals!!There was a bad fire happening in California, and the Doctor just watched TV while I had you, then I had the nurses check to see if you were tongue tied..(because COlton was when he was born)...YEP you were, so they clipped it, and you were ready to come to us!! We love you so much!! WHen you were just about 6 weeks old, we had to evacuate for this REALLY scarry fire that was in Linden. We had such a great time!! Kallie, we love you so much!! Here are our 7 favorite things about you:

1 you are so sweet to your family. You always try to make everyone feel good

2 You have the best handwriting of any 7 year old I know!! Mrs. DeWitt thinks so too!
3 you are very good and reverent in church
4 you are so into shopping and having perfectly manicured nails and toes, and cute clothes, and picking out a cute outfit everyday,,,, BUT you also love to ride your pony and help your dad at the ranch. You don't mind ripping your cute clothes to run under a tree on snowballs!! You are well rounded
5 You are so considerate of people's feelings, at school you always try to be nice to everyone, and you are very sad when people are mean to you. You have a tenderheart
6 You are really funny! You say words like for HEAP sakes..and funny stuff like that.
7 You are a Daughter of Heavenly Father, you are so good at saying your prayers, and remembering EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!! You take time to think of what is important to you and you Choose the right!!

This pic has a funny story...Aunt Alli bought you this feather boa for one of your bdays, you LOVED it!! You wanted to take it to church soooo bad and we wouldn't let you. We got to church, and you opened this little purse you brought and out fell/flew a million pink feathers. You plucked all the feathers off and put them in your purse, since we wouldn't let you take it around your neck!! You Are a smart little girl!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today May 8th is Josh's Birthday!! The picture shown above is probably going to be his favorite present that he recieves from me. WHY?? you say, Well because this is pretty much Josh's favorite picture of me. WHY??? you say, because I am wearing yellow rockies, and as if that isn't already the most wonderful thing in the world (in his eyes) they are also a size 0, and I am 6weeks pregnant with Colton.After I had Colton, about 3 days later Josh asked if I could start wearing them again. I said I didn't think I'd EVER be able to fit into them (trying to make an excuse to never have to wear the hidious things again)...well since I am married to such a sweet man, he brought home a brand new pair in a size 3 to make me feel better! O man these things were BAD!! O'well. I jut wanted him to know that if they still made Rockies, (and if they made them in now a size 5, and 4 kids later)...I would gladly take one for the team and wear them all day long today for his birthday!!

Josh is a wonderful man, this is on October 18,2003...after we went through the temple!! I am so thankful for him, and for his testimony. (Sorry for the crooked scanned in pictures)

These are some pictures of Josh in his younger days. He loves his dogs and was always out in the woods. Here is a picture of Josh at the ranch, he still loves his dogs and now loves being in the high desert. With a bunch of cows and horses.

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We love you Josh!! You are the greatest daddy and "love guy"!! We are so exited you were born today!! Thank You so much for all of the wonderful things you do for our little family!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was totally going to post about womens conference. Then I went HERE and realize I didn't have to, because the work has been done for me!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OH MY FUNNY (or maybe mentally challenged) Children!!

COLTON- calls an ambilical cord "ambilican cord" and he calls the announcers stand at the rodeo the "ansibuh" stand

KALLIE- says for HEAP sakes instead of for Petes sakes, she calls the hair pin curve at the ranch, the red man curve. AND yesterday we drove up to the house, ya know the one we have lived in for over a year now)...and said sooo exitedly "MAMA HOW DO WE GET UP TO THOSE ROOMS?" pointing to the 2 FAKE dormers on the house!

CADE- where do I begin? he said yesterday that he was shy. I asked him what is shy? He said "shy is when you ride the heck out a broncs and go to kindergarden when you are 5" Ya I don't know about him...Our 2 neighbor boys names are Utah, and Riggin. He calls both of them RIGTAH... His favorite song at the moment, because he is 3 and should have a favorite song .....i guess is "CHicken Fried", it is the second song on my play list, and that is the only reason it is on my play list... He went for a 4wheeler ride with our Bishop and his kids yesterday, and all I could hear him saying is "you guys know my faroite song?..A little bit of chicky fry, a cold coke (beer but we make him say coke) on a Friday night...he was singing CHICKY FRY the whole way!!
BIRDIE- Has started to be an escapee...Yesterday, she was headed out almost to Ann's wearing her PJ's a purse on each arm, a purple head band and a beanie I have to lock the doors to keep her from getting out. Yesterday again she made it all the way over there!...I told Cade to run and get her this morning because she was headed out!! She wouldn't come, so he DRUG her all the way, screaming and fighting. Also, she has started to say tainte ew for thank you, anc CACA when she poops, CACA for Colton, and CACA for Kallie.

Here she is standing on the dishwasher, to see what is going on up on the counter. She can open it, and pull the drawers out. She gets so mad if there are dishes in it, because it makes her ladder not so functional.

She also enjoys hanging from her car in the front yard, instead of driving it. Try to take it down and see what is not pretty!!
She also LOVE LOVE LOVES baby dolls. SHe carries them everywhere!!

We are raising some fun kids!! We are loving our new 25 chickens! Trying to keep their lives in tact with Cade around, it's pretty hard!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We left for the valley on Friday about noon. We got there, saw Adrainne and Gabe...Josh's sister and our nephew that are for 1 month from Argentina! Then Josh took me shopping for my bday, just a quick trip to the mall, nothing too great. It was nice to be alone with Josh for the first time in 3 weeks. This is Adrianne and baby Gabe.. We went back to Josh's parents and did pedicures on eachother, and went to bed. Saturday morning we went to AJHS for coltons wrestling tournament. He did good. He won 2 and lost 2. It was really close, he lost by just a couple of points. Good Job!! He was NOT in a good mood. He hadn't lost a match until then, so he was a little on the bad mood side! But it was nothing a bunch of Easter Egg coloring with Aunt Ash couldn't fix!!!

We had a good night, we went for yogurt and watched MAMA MIA!! Then we got up and got ready for church. I told Josh that we were going to take some Easter Pictures, and for 3 days prior, I had been coaxing him, and begging him to PLEASE smile and look at the camera! He NEVER does. Well take a look at the pictures I saw when I down loaded my camera!!

This is a nice picture of Birdie!

OH this is a nice smile, and he is looking right at the camera! Nice of Colton to be doing so good also!

Oh Josh you are really trying to make your sweet wife so happy!! You are so Photogenic!

Seriously, this is the best picture I found in the oh maybe 100 we took. If you look past the part where he is grabbing himself I think it is a great picture!!! COME ON JOSH!! I was so completely Pi$$@# when I saw these ...o'well. I called him fuming mad, and he said"wo wo babe, i clearly remember you telling me over what seemed like 200 times, to SMILE and LOOK AT THE CAMERA...I did everything you asked of me sweetie." AHHHH what a punk!
From the looks of these pictures, it seems Joshua has recieved his photogenic genes from his father...see below!

Here are some other pictures they kids were so cute for easter...thanks to Ashley, Annette, and The Children's Place!

We had easter dinner, and an easter egg hunt:

Then we had an adult egg toss. It was going great until Josh dropped our egg and then he just stole another contestants agg out of her hands and started chucking eggs at everyone. It turned into a major egg fight. Lindsay and Matt's car got the worst of it, I have a welt and so does ashley. THEN josh turned on the hose and wouldn't let us get close enough to egg him, so he drenched all of us!! It was fun!


if you can double click this and enlarge it................ Josh is laughing sooo hard it is hilarious!


We love you guys! Thanks for the great and crazy Easter. We love NANA for planning all the wonderful meals, activities, and being a great baby watcher while I went out! Thanks so much you and Dave are the best! Also, a big shout out to Dave my father in law, for feeding at the ranch this week so I don't have to YOU ARE THE GREATEST EVER!! I totally take back all the bad things I've ever said about you! (just kiddin)